Highlights from Music & Monarchs

Beautiful weather for our 5/12 Friday Night, joint fundraiser concert, at the Volga City Opera House, and our Music & Monarch Festival, on Saturday 5/13, paved the way for an over the top successful, and fun Music & Monarchs weekend.  The Clayton County CAN board of directors and the...

Got Milkweed? We do!

Tomorrow be sure to get your free Milkweed plant. They are available FREE to everyone who attends Music & Monarchs Festival tomorrow, 5/13 11a.m.-7p.m. in Founder’s Park, Elkader, IA. Milkweed Planting Instructions Share This:

Gallery Watch our Super Fun Music & Monarchs Promo Video 2017

Each year to pump up the crowd and to celebrate our generous sponsors we release our Music & Monarchs promo video.
Here is this year’s video.

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Milkweed Planting Instructions

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PLANTING MILKWEED • Dig a hole twice as big as the plug. • Place the plug in the hole. • Fill the hole with dirt. • Tamp in and water. Optional: can use Miracle Grow plant food solution • Keep soil moist without over watering. • Weed...

Got Milkweed?

Did you know that milkweed plants are the only source of food for the monarch caterpillar? Every year, adult monarchs make the mighty migration from their overwintering areas in Mexico to places like Iowa to lay their eggs. Learn more about this incredible insect and what you can do...